September 11 and the "Failure" of U.S. Counterintelligence: An Historical Perspective

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Mr. Theoharis is a professor of history at Marquette University.

The devastating terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, and recent revelations of May-June 2002 about pre-September 11 FBI (and CIA) intelligence reports, have raised questions about the failure of U.S. intelligence agencies to have anticipated and thus prevented this planned attack. Seeking to reassure the American public, Attorney General John Ashcroft in June 2002 affirmed that the FBI would henceforth shift its focus from law enforcement to intelligence--becoming more proactive and aggressive to anticipate (rather than prosecute) acts of terrorism. The Attorney General also announced an expansion of FBI survcillance authority to include monitoring the Internet, libraries, and religious institutions on thc premise that such investigations would further this proactive stance.

Attorney General Ashcroft's contentions, first that the FBI's culture needed to be changed to"anticipate" rather than prosecute, and second, that the FBI had been unduly restricted from monitoring locations (web sites, mosques) which could have helped uncover the plans of terrorists distorts both the FBI's history and the underlying basis for this recent intelligence failure.

Dating from 1936, the FBI had adopted an intelligence role--that is, FBI agents were authorized to anticipate"subversive" activities to avert acts of espionage and sabotage. Based on secret executive directives--including directives authorizing" clearly illegal" investigative techniques--FBI agents intensively monitored pro-communist individuals and organizations. Amounting to political profiling, the premise of these investigations was that monitoring communists and communist sympathizers would uncover planned acts of espionage and sabotage. Consistent with this anticipatory function, FBI agents employed illegal investigativc techniques--wiretaps, bugs, break-ins, mail covers and intercepts--even though such actions would negate prosecution. The objective, after all, was not to indict and convict spies but to anticipate and prevent spying.

As I have documented in my recent book, Chasing Spies: How the FBI Failed in Counterintelligence But Promoted the Politics of McCarthyism in the Cold War Years, the resultant (and intrusive) intelligence investigations did not uncover all Soviet espionage activities during the World War II and early Cold War years. In part, this failure resulted from Soviet agents' awareness that they were being monitored and their adoption of safeguards to preclude discovery. In part, this was because the recruited Americans avoided any direct links with the American Communist Party. Concurrently, this political profiling focused invariably on individuals who either sought to influence the political culture or were radical labor union activists. Reflecting this political orientation, one target of FBI intelligence investigations (dating from 1942) centered on whether Communists had infiltrated the motion picture industry, even though none of these private employees had access to classified records or military technology. Hollywood employees, however, could influence the popular culture--and this became the catalyst to the inception and duration of an intensive investigation which ended in 1956 when FBI officials concluded that Communist influence in Hollywood was"practically nonexistent at the present time." Unable to use the acquired information identifying those Hollywood directors, producers, writers, and actors who were Communist Party members (confirmed through break-ins to photocopy the membership records of the Los Angeles section of the Communist Party), FBI officials leaked this information to the House Committee on Un-American Activities to ensure the sucess of that committee's October 1947 public hearings into Communist influence in Hollywood. Shrouded in secrecy seemingly required by national security considerations, FBI investigations in time also expanded beyond Communist Party members to include Democratic presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson, syndicated columnist Joseph Alsop, influence peddler Henry Grunewald, folk singer Pete Seeger, and even Hollywood actor Rock Hudson. Critics of the FBI, moreover, were dismissed as"subversives" bent on aiding and abetting the" communist conspiracy."

This history raises three questions of contemporary relevance.

First, the quest for absolute security inherent in proactive intelligence investigations did not and will not advance legitimate security interests. FBI agents neither anticipated Soviet espionage activities nor the September 11 terrorist attack--the latter despite having broad authority under"domestic security/terrorism" guidelines issued by Attorney General William French Smith in March 1983 to"anticipate or prevent" crimes of violence and to initiate investigations whenever individuals or organizations"advocate criminal activity or indicate an apparent intent to engage in crime, particularly crimes of violence." The July 2001 recommendation of the FBI's Phoenix office to monitor Middle Eastern men enrolled in flight schools might seem prescient in hindsight. Nonetheless, none of those who aroused Phoenix agent Williams's suspicions were involved in or had advance knowledge of the September 11 terrorist attack. Furthermore, while the number of terrorist cases which FBI officials referred to the Justice Department for prosecution in the first six months after the September 11 attack increased sixfold, from an average of 10 to 59 per month, Justice Department prosecutors declined to file charges in 60 of 98 terrorist referrals (citing a"lack of evidence of criminal intent" or no evidence a federal crime had been committed) and reached no decision (during this time period) on the remaining 256. Both the Cold War and recent failures document that simply monitoring advocacy does not lead to uncovering plans to commit either espionage or terrorist acts.

Second, while broadbased and intrusive intelligence investigations did not uncover Soviet espionage activities, they did lead to the uncovering of massive amounts of derogatory political (Communist affiliations or"sympathy") and personal (illicit sexual activities) information. This information did not simply repose in FBI files. Increasingly after February 1946 (when FBI officials launched an"educational" campaign to"influence public opinion"), this information was purposefully leaked whether to members of Congress (Congressman Richard Nixon, Senator Joseph McCarthy, the House Committee on Un-American Activities, the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee), prominent Americans (governors under a special code-named Responsibilities Program, former Republican President Herbert Hoover), and reporters (Chicago Tribune Washington bureau chief Walter Trohan, New York Herald Tribune Washington bureau chief Don Whitehead)--but on the strict condition that the recipient not disclose the FBI's covert assistance. Commentators have recently focused exclusively on the FBI's notorious COINTELPROs of 1956-1971 to the neglect of these earlier absive practices.

Third, this past history poses the perils of secrecy--both in precluding an informed understanding of the failures (or limited capabilities) of the nation's intelligence agencies and at the same time of efforts to shape public opinion and create a"politics of McCarthyism."

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karoly karoly stanyo - 3/14/2004


karoly karoly stanyo - 3/14/2004

Austrian and Hungarian terrorissts did set up Hillary Clintons born child switched with a another baby after she was born. I myself did saw the switch. I do am stating the plan of switch were found profund by the Hungarian officials including Peter Medgyessy long time befoe than Hillar did were fucked. At that day when Hillary did were fucked, other woman did were fucking as well. That were parts of a devilistic plan of attack on the U.S.A. and its citisens. Hungarian terrorists did prepare much fake Chelsea Clintons in order to switch them with the original. Hungarian terrorist are guilty for the WTC crush too. And off course when needed they did used the addministrative doubles of Chelsea Clinton to crush WTC.
Which is the next target of Hungarian terrorists blackmailed by Austria?

A other girl lives, a other one than the official presented at:
That other girl compared with the current official (picture of hers
You did just saw if visited the Web page) is even if she You see
did raised in pure and real moneyless surround is by my opinion in
many ways better woman than that one on
If I could have just a few world wrote for that other girl, I mean
with whom who were official child of Hillary and Bill, and than a
old man nicknamed Hitler did switched which switch I did saw,
did myself switched them twice I guess so they did remain
switched. A report about the switched state were submitted by
Hillary and could occur in last minutes a another switchback, but
the babies did remain switched.
It is sad to notice that people did wished to have Hillary Clintons
and William Jefferson Clintons baby that badly that they did not let
switchback occur, so the babies did were remain switched forever.
The switch and clothes switch did were performed by a guy did
liked to act and work like the true Hitler did, so he were felt and
acted about it always when he did were called Hitler. Mr.
FilipovicÆ a guy possibly got back from Iraqi torture chambers and
as a old man did just lived from mercy of other peoples. To have
him within a home of a family did ment respect and protection
from the police since he did were just a servant of the Nazi crowd,
a guy did revealed his and crimes of the true Hitler, did provided
much evidences related to Hitler which in the end did led to it that
the true Hitler did were found captured indeed for which
information correct gathering and submitting officially my father
did got the highest medal of could get a citizen of the Socialist
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and since the international War
Crimes tribunal in Hague did recognized information about it
international backup against hostile revenging forces of the Nazi
gang were soon reach my father. He were suddenly within
international witness protection program just cause of it that both
he were knowing, did recognized their true identity, did collected
information about it and did revealed that Hitler and Mussolini
were alive. However it may be still by my opinion that the guy
named as the MP says FilipovicÆ who lived within the top of our
block of maksima Gorkog street number 1A might be the true
Hitler, since Mussolini were murdered and that act did occur and
hisself did remain unharmed.
I did saw that act when FilipovicÆ or should I say Hitler did
switched the clothes on two babies, did switched them so the one
was born by Hillary did were raised within the village, and the one
was born by a whore of the village of my fathers childhood did got
into the States later on.
William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Clinton did argued between
each other much about that, they did not could understand why
international witness protection programs has to have interfere
with their life, and yet even that hostile natured Hungarian nuclear
bomb trough Soviet silos were constantly aimed to their direction
of existence since the blue eyed girl they were forced to carry
about was not their official but a child of a Hungarian guy who did
within the house of my grandfather fuck a whore and that child
born 9 months later did were switched with the true kid of Hillary
and Bill Clinton.
William Jefferson Clinton and my father who did served the army
in Macedonia guarding the border where he did met much friendly
Albanians did were assembled and forwarding conduct talks
related to international relations, and did find it hostile later on that
Bill and Hillary if are raising a Hungarian girl as their official that
it is a danger for all of us since once they all could be killed in
order to secure goodness of the girl by Hungary. Therefore a plan
of a usage of a WMD made by the U.S.A. did begun to be bought
out and most of the ex WW2 alliance did stood behind of a real
profound plan. Or should I say they I mean Bill and my father did
were beginning bringing more and more money from national
reserves each time I did done something stupid, or did fail. So as
how I were got set up much times to do stupid things they did were
exhausting a gold bank soon. Even if I were told not to tell nobody
about the babies and babies switched within the kindergarten I did
broke, I were tortured to tell about it, so I did finally revealed that
babies were switched for sure, so at once information about it were
forwarded by parents of those kids, I were forced into even trouble
and false accuses made me even down ad punches I got much I
were stop thinking normally, had injuries I got much later even
tooth of mine were not able to be normal cause of that that I did
saw too much did hear too much and were telling too much about
it. Sometimes I think that I did formed the current Earths politics
as is cause I were telling out under tortures that what I did saw.
And trust me I were seriously beaten cause I did know much.
Hostile intentions of Hungary and Austria led by Arnold (I in
person did told for Arnold that too that babies were switched
which Arnold were knowing already since Arnold was the one
blackmailing us in the name of his native Austria and forced us
into actions, and one of those actions was much baby switching
since You know Austria were angry and Arnold were angry cause
a largest large diamond before WW2 did were taken away from
Austria which did let Hitler begin with WW2) were recognized,
and when Arnold seamed to testified that he did for sure know that
babies were switched since that switch did happen within my
grandfathers house, my grandfather did tried once to kill his own
self or Arnold when did mattered with a rifle was not his. I trust
that cause I did were looking and stood up and were not stay down
some 50 meters from the executions place just cause of that neither
of them were hurt and Arnold did reach the U.S.A. with one more
sure information related to baby switches. And as how Venus
Williams could possibly switched with a another black skinned girl
more data were I knowing about which off course Arnold did
trusted too.
Finally since seen my trade in order not to get further punches and
kicks even on the street did led my father convincing William
Clinton by forced backup of Albanians from Kosovo that Clinton
shell were one more child, baby than carry about. Actually I did
told You already that two girl babies were made what I saw when
were 2 which did served Hungarian terror, but that one were than
in question between Bill and my father what was created by Peter
Medgyessy and William Clinton fucking regularly a woman from
Kosovo, and Bill could know about a fourth child as well were kid
of one Bosnian woman made same day within the house of my
grandfather and as how that woman from acquired sperm left
within the trashcan. You see folks I do not quite remember about
it, since were 2 years of age than. I am sorry today that that girl
were really Bill and Hillary Clintons child did were not could be
together with Bill and Hillary, raised as their girl, and I may
suspect about it that she did suffer a lot. One day I did met her
passing by near the house of my grandfather when were a kid of
only 7, did punched her on the street, and soon my father did stop
telling me things about and related to the subject cause he did
realized that I am hostile, hostile that much that would terminate
own allies. But as how I were kicked on the street of my hometown
by others, that was how I did tried to revenge that pain on others of
the village, and it did turn out that the first kid on whom I were
tried to exploit my anger was exactly that kid whom I should take
good care to obtain even more and forward in my life during which
I did failed much times.
And as how I did failed that was how more and more were
exploited from the golden backup of my country since people did
were using the information submitting those Highly Classified
Military Secrets to courts did could forward and ask for money
from the country of the SFRY. In just matter of years correct data
known by much people since my torturers within the Kindergarten
and later School did were recorded on tapes and were emitted as
illegal misusage of frequencies on radio stations were backed up
by terrorist Hungarians and their bloody SFRY killing money.
I am afraid to talk about it with my father since as usual he would
try to kill me with others related to it, since he considers facts
about Army as trade of human souls, and his soul is actually one so
he could not wish to get killed. And even he is afraid cause he
knows that if subject about babies switched by terrorist like
FilipovicÆ, his protector SaÆndor SzaboÆ than Arnold
Shwarcenegger and Anton Blair than their food poisonings did
occur about I did all talked for my classmates than he could get
arrested too, so as he does not wishes getting arrested he is heavily
surrendered, he would state that Hitler and Mussolini did die in
1945, no Hillary Clinton he knew ever, the sun is shining even if
than actually rains etc. Cause if he would just walk on the bright
side of the light those served Mussolini and Hitler whom he traded
out would kill him.
I mean I did told much about actions seen like baby switches,
metal little stuffs puts to food, and those did represented a hell of a
treasure is not it. I mean Dick Cheney could even today sue
SaÆndor SzaboÆ cause SaÆndor did turned him to a person whose
body was opened, metal stuffs were cleaned from it using magnets,
the sue may could submit Ivan Ribkin, and others like George W.
Bush too, which persons are again results of curtain peoples
blackmail since diamonds were provided for the U.S.A. in the end
of the WW2, and a bit or more of blackmails related to it even
Josip Broz when were got that information did Josip hisself
provided against the WhiteHouse, asking hi sown army the army
of SFRY to get some elite politicians children from the U.S.A.
arrived to visit Mr. FilipovicÆ too who in SaÆndors custody did put
much metal little stuffs into their food, and if they did not go to
hospital they did received a diamond (and probably did were dumb
later on always), it not than the hospital did received diamonds to
take good care of the victims of Hitler, who in old ages of his
could not just find other amusement and entertainment for hisself
than poisoned food, little metal stuff put to food, switched babies,
turn peoples brain braindead with hand during nigh. I did pissed
him a few times that high off that did he punched me too. He were
as I did noticed defending and revenging the child name Andrea
Gallusz who is officially a child of a terrorist.
It is needless to say that my parents were turned braindead, than
politicians like Vojislav Kos

karoly karoly stanyo - 3/14/2004

Hillary Clintons born baby was bought by a diamond from Bill by a terrorist, other blue eyed babies intentionally made nearly same in order to be gave for Hillary to raise one of them as own. All to proove about Hungary and its big diamond were robbed.
Or with what else not relatives of the true Hitler and Mussolini were blackmailed me and my parents as should we perform in order to live.
With what else not were I and my parents were blackmailed with by relatives of classmates what we were keen helping in order to remain alive.

I remember when I were a little kid of less of till
3 years of age, and even a later sometimes, I did
saw often people did fuck each other, diamond
robberies were performed, Kings and Queens
were around, famous leading and up coming
politicians did were within that kitchen was my
fathers fathers, officially my grandfathers.
Diamonds were gave for much people, securing
good faith and sure ruling power between
friends later on. Securing the overall good
conditions of progress, Hungarian terrorists
served the army within that country, Hungarian
citizens born within that country were around
too. Their task was to brake windows often and
steel golden stuffs and diamonds which were
gave for local courts and army within my
grandfathers Socialist Federative Republic of
Yugoslavia. Diamonds, big plunder acquire
tasks were performed organized, by much crowd
of people, often with less and more success.
Progress and money was secured since against
Hungary within Hungary much people did
testified, trade of information did occur so much
people were knowing about the truth.
It did happen that diamonds were just gave in
return for nothing. My father did asked me what
do I wish to get in return? I did told him as only
2 and half years of age kid that may they provide
they just born child to me. That was how my
father did told to a guy had he blue eyes and
round circles on his long black hair to bring the
Chelsea girl for us. He did took away the child
and Bill and Hillary did not were knowing to
whom the child were gave. I did met the baby
Chelsea Clinton than did she remain within the
village, did she cried a lot. In order to forget the
thing a with another woman child switching
ceremony was performed to let me remember it
falsely, and later testify about it wrongly that the
child of Bill Clinton and Hillary did were
Hungarian terrorist was that blue eyed long
black (was it fake) haired guy did took Chelsea
Clinton that was the first thing I did noticed.
However later that fake hair was wear by my
father too, and just for a game he did tried to
abuse citizens of the village with it, even he
could since they were a guy matching him in
some 90% of recognition, so even me were sure
not about it which one I am lucky to talk with.
Remembering that one time did took off the long
hair when he were talking to a woman lived
within the same street and her did recognized
him, so he did were stating just as a game that he
is a else guy, when I did succeeded to take of his
fake hair and his true identity was revealed. As
how within the Kindergarten I were tortured to
stand for destruction against the USA and for
sure help German intentions come true were
seriously beaten until I did learned that WTC
will crush on 9 11th 2001, and I must stand for it.
That was how within the village, within the
same street later where did arrived there from
the city where I did were tortured, that fake hair
were used by persons guarding my grandfather
to perform different tasks. And as how I did told
him the same I were got learned to have to stand
for it within the Kindergarten with torture and
heavy molestation, the guy did soon placed his
resignation after did perform the task I did were
gave to him, to inform same street members and
villagers about it that they have to stand for 9
11th 2001 WTC in order not to be beaten as I
were within the Kindergarten. The guy did not
informed much people, but asked me what I
wish in return. I wished Hillary Clintons just
born baby which were stolen. The child were
raised as a citizen of the village, and soon she
were in pretty bad shape, so Bill and Hillary did
not wished to take her back. German power did
once more shown its strength, up coming dirty
plan of the catholic church and Hitler which he
noted within his book of evils did led to taken
away Chelsea Clinton from her parents,, caused
anger and hostility. Hungarian terrorists
performed the act of taking away the true
Chelsea Clinton did successfully blame Kosovo
for the act, since the guy as Hungarian did were
steeling in Yugoslavia did choose to serve the
army within our SFRJ and not to go to jail
instead just before he served it too before he did
took away Chelsea, but he was Hungarian for
sure. As daddy and the brown eye guy acting or
really is even today Medgyessy did comment the
loyal activity of the guy (were hired by OrbaÆn
Viktor), that there are not much that fanatics that
barely loyal for the Hungarian crown as that
man was in service for my grandfather, since he
did steel in order to secure my grandfathers alive
state for which he did were arrested, did served
the army cause of that, did used his influence on
both Hungarian and Yugoslavian side to steel
Chelsea Clinton by my order and in the end even
blame else his own ex just served units on
Kosovo for the act of taking away Chelsea from
Hillary and Bill to keep possible hostility far
from the Hungarian border for which not entered
kept state he did swore primarily.
Since Peter Medgyessy or as I saw him he had
brown hair than did were working on a project
of ô much Chelsea Clintonsö whom all he could
switch with the original and that act of
spermatozoids dividing did happen before the
taking away of Chelsea, we may suspect that all
the time Hungarian terrorists were behind that
plan, and that plan was planned from much time
before it did were realized.
Medgyessy Peter did divided spermatozoids
with a little machine, so girls did were created
from the same blue eyed father, who may were
the same guy did steel the original Chelsea
Clinton later on just, but they the Hungarian
terrorists (Medgyessy were acting by OrbaÆns
ask and provided money for him) did even
convinced me that the donor of the sperm is my
grandfather double. The truth is that nor my
grandfather nor his administrative double did
were fathers of the born girls, but, much girls
were created in order to switch the original
Chelsea Clinton who had not blue eyes. So that
terrorist did steel Chelsea Clinton did become
father of much girl babies all they had blue eyes,
and one of the babies did become Hillary and
Bills child officially as a set up, but those blue
eyed girls were once just before the delivery for
the Clintons were switched all the time. Bill
were around the house of my grandfather when I
were within, so him I did tracked into that house
he were previously but turned him was away,
and with it Bill may thank or hate me too even,
since I did confirmed for him directly under
which address was hold his child made with
Hillary after her taking away, and where she
were raised ever after.
To speak about the truth out within the
Kindergarten I did were seriously beaten, and
parents of my classmates did informed the
Interpol about the child robbery, made blue eyed
girls, child switch and else related to gangsters,
my grandfather. The guy with Medgyessy and
his wife did were during the fucking and
creation of the blue eyed girls within the house
of my grandfather from the USA were not the
true Bill and Hillary, just their clones acting
without their knowledge under approval by
James Carter hisself.
Much trouble gained by told out data by much of
my classmates, and once crucial remembered
and used by me trouble indeed later on, and
correct such datas like 9 11th 2001 WTC are
getting mothers when did born a child. Alike
data wwere the Chernobyl atomic reactors
blowage, the just seen terror in Spain on 11th of
march 2004. All You have to do to know such
happenings of the future in to give a birth to a
child in a capital city of Germany, Austria or
Hungary, let that child be ranked highest on its
birth as healthy 100%, and have that babies
noted father served already the army which
submitting to officials of that country may that
soon inform You about such of terror actions
happen. As are probably trusted ones of secrets
of the Nazi gang, You certainly will receive
alike data, after even if did helped the hospitals
work with money or diamond gave for one of
the working there doctors from those stolen by
your relatives or off course Your husband.

A much worth diamond were robbed in Hungry
by a blue eyed guy with fake hair (was he my
The German and trough it the U.S. federal
administration did received payment in
diamonds, so did the Spanish and the British
crown and much else people strong in World
wide politics even today.
Profund plan was formed by the Hungarian
president as blackmail of us for what to ask
instead to still one day prove that a much worthy
diamond was again submitted for foreign top
politicians in order to keep the Hungarian unity,
and not to fall to prison all our crowd.
Some of the requests were not accomplishable,
the Hungarian president wished nuclear war, so
the British Queen were sued in Hungary even,
and the Spanish King too did resulted contra
effect and renaming the Hungarian National
republic into just Hungarian Republic in which
terrorists like OrbaÆn, Medgyessy and the sure
diamondstealer Ferenc MaÆdl were on charge
later on when the main mission was
accomplished which was:
The German and trough it the U.S. president did
provided one couple of administrative doubles
from the U.S.A. to act as Bill and Hillary during
the fuck of different woman all born later blue
eyed children whose father were a Hungarian
Father of those babies is that person did took
away the true baby of Bill and Hillary Clinton
am suspecting that, and that too that that blue
eyed person did actually pay for the baby of Bill
and Hillary in a provided diamond to be silent.
When that woman from the U.S.A. did born a
blue eyed girl too, she were switched with one
of her half sisters which all were results of the
sperm dividing performed by Medgyessy. She
might were switched back before she returned
into the U.S.A. In the U.S.A. since diamonds
and money from that much worthy diamond did
were obtained, since money talks, the blue eyed
girl did fall into arms of Hillary Clinton and she
did raised her as her own for dirty money,
support of the U.S. president, international force
to keep on about it provided by Spain and
Britain too, whose officials I did met in person
too when were a kid.
Much nearly same girls do live who are all half-
sisters of that blue eyed girl.
As my father and others in the Soviet Union as
well communists did stated than when I were a
kid, they other stuff could not invented to defend
theirself from the hostile forces, it was meant to
support Earth-wide peace. Yes gentleman but,
did You surrendered in front of the Hungarian
terrorist leadership which was blackmailed by
Austria all the time! For which I may consider
You all as dirty scumbags whom are ready to
perform anything for diamonds or money You
spinewholes! Did You were blackmailed by
Germany too? Now come onà
Bill and Hillary Clintons kid were raised within
the village, and even having minor information
related to it, even after my parents will be none,
will be able to prove that.
It was sad to see Bill convincing the girl that he
is unable to help her. Nor he wished since he
were paid to leave her there alone without any
help. Bill did know that just Hungarians
revenging the big diamond could beat her, but
that in a Hungarian native village was absolutely
not possible to be left not recognized and not
punished if such did occur. And as how Bill did
not fight for her, I did realized that girl was born
by Hillary is not Bill Clintons, but may be one
influential Hungarian terrorists, and the
confusion related to it to have Hillary except a
another child as her own and feed her until she
raises up, that one with blue eyes was actually
just one step part of the project of support of that
Hungarian terrorist did fuck Hillary and made
the original Chelsea Clinton, and I wonder if he
is active currently too. Cause as it stands ladies
and gentleman, Hungary may be blown!

OrbaÆn did secured my path on the street than
when were going to school, Mr. FilipovicÆ and
my father too sometimes, since I did know who
were the true Hitler, Hitler did were present
during the recording of the pornmovie resulted
much blue eyed children. He had eye color
switcher, so I did could think that he has nearly
black eyes, today I know that his eyes could
were light blue, light blue like my grandfathers,
much different than those a bit darkblue eyed
girls were born by sperm of the Hungarian
soldier did served on Kosovo too probably did
he steel Chelsea from Hillary in exchange for a
diamond. The true Hitler did were surviving on
much places. He were mostly in Feketic

karoly stanyo jr - 1/21/2004

that is how hitler did trusted it too, by his statement he got the data from territories once belonging into the ex roman empire, directly accused the vatican and a few ex popes of before jp2, while did were accuses against territories once formed the macedonian empire, and while he were more than 90, i did even saw his fight with benito mussolini who were as well alive. sad about that, indeed new york city were allways ready to collect soldiers against the left ww2 enemies, while both, i mean ah ang bm were both friends of its, therefore the soviets might were angry, since they were able to proove their true identity, but new york did saved them quite often, and were backed up by the queen too their fine food. my grandfather did fought on german side, in the ending he did had a peaceformer idea, and still is remembered as a hero. in later diamondstealer mission stealing from hungaria, since were known that they have wtc crush in plan too, in late june or early july of 1980 i were togather while arnold schwarzenegger were stealing an entire diamond store with schiklgru:ber, benito could were quite often too, while previously as a kid michael jackson were with diamondstealers too am sure am. i suspect that for the terrorist vatican behind the wtc crush were the curtain need for even stolen diamonds, stolen during it, while hungaria as that actions sponsor and coordinator of terrorists could got a big share from it. sad thing i am not yet recognised as evidenceprovider, however did my family and me warn quite that time around 1980 u.s. high autorities, did become presidents lastly and their wifes too, their ex and current government addministration, and so on. i did traded out hitler once for broz, second time i were not able since in the meantime were as just a baby of 1 and half dropped by ah from some one and half meters of height. my injuries caused by that man will suffer from this minute the hungarian republic which is having even higher terrorist actions took found possible, and sad as i do have no such opportunity nor power will not i as a single human be able preventing a another or much else damage, they as branch of terrorists of the ex roman, ex soviet, and currently nato have in mind. kicking outside nato the hungary would serve the against terror purpouse, but bombardment of its capital city with m.o.a.b. and b.l.u. bombs would rather serve interests of earts peace.