Abruzzo 'miracle' as fresco of Virgin Mary and Jesus appears

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The aftermath of the Abruzzo earthquake has witnessed the miraculous survival of people beneath collapsed buildings - and even of a small black dog which scampered out of the ruins of a house on Easter Sunday after nearly a week under the debris.

But residents of Rocca di Cambio, a village high in the Gran Sasso mountains of Abruzzo 25 kilometres from L’Aquila, are celebrating the emergence of a more longstanding survivor: a long-lost 11th Century fresco depicting the Virgin Mary and infant Jesus.

“This is wonderful news at a time of so much destruction and sorrow,” Antonio Pace, the mayor of Rocca di Cambio, told The Times. “The appearance of the Madonna and Child is a sign of hope. Nothing short of a miracle.”

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Stephen J Cipolla - 4/20/2009

It was inevitable. But, now the Virgin has appeared and all will be well. Except for the dead, the injured, the homeless, the refugees, the children, the terrified, you know, the victims. For every "miracle" there are dozens of injured whose stories of pain and despair will be shelved in favor of this tripe.