Mussolini's hometown finally bans fascist souvenirs

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Mussolini's hometown has finally banned the sale of daggers, cudgels and other fascist souvenirs relating to the late dictator after years of cashing in on trade from fervent admirers and tourists.

Crowds who flock to Predappio – many of them skinheads and black-shirted supporters of Italy's far-right – visit Mussolini's stone mausoleum, which is presided over by a stern-looking marble bust of Il Duce.

They then converge on shops offering a large and imaginative selection of fascist-themed memorabilia, from swastika-decorated knives and bottles of beer bearing Mussolini's portrait to flags, SS insignia and CDs of fascist-era songs.

But the town in Emilio-Romagna in northern Italy, where Mussolini was born in 1883, has now decided that the souvenirs are bad for its image.

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