Obama still on top

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New data out of the indispensable Gallup polling organization shows that President Obama's average job approval during his first 90 days in office is 63 percent, the highest rating in its surveys during that critical time period in more than three decades.

Since Jimmy Carter scored an average of 69 percent approval rating in his first 90 days in office, the ratings for the subsequent presidents have steadily declined from Ronald Reagan (60 percent), to George H.W. Bush (57 percent), to Bill Clinton (55 percent). George W. Bush's 58 percent average in the Gallup poll for his first quarter in office was only a slight improvement over his direct predecessors.

Put in a broader perspective -- all president since World War II -- Obama's numbers are slightly less stratospheric.

John F. Kennedy led the way in the modern era with the approval of 72 percent of Americans during his first 90 days in office and Dwight D. Eisenhower also crested the 70 percent mark (71 percent) during his early days in office. Heck, even Richard Nixon was at 62 percent job approval in the Gallup survey in his first quarter in office.

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