Royal wedding cake from 1871 goes on sale

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Wrapped in parchment and delicately tied with string, the cake is thought to be the only surviving piece from the wedding celebrations of Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria, and the Marquis of Lorne.

The 1871 wedding caused outrage among the Royals, especially the Prince of Wales, because it was the first Royal marriage to someone deemed a commoner since 1515.

But Queen Victoria pushed the marriage through for one of the most lavish ceremonies ever seen in the belief that a wedding outside the traditional royal houses would strengthen the throne both morally and physically.

The cake was originally over five feet tall but the surviving slice is an inch wide, about the size of a small key, and would have given its recipient the smallest of mouthfuls.

It goes on sale this week at the spring Antiques for Everyone fair, held at the NEC in Birmingham, for £145.

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