Colorado will 'vigorously challenge' Churchill's reinstatement

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The University of Colorado will “vigorously challenge” Ward Churchill’s effort to get his job back in the school’s ethnic studies department, a CU spokesman said Thursday.

Ken McConnellogue, spokesman for the CU system, said the university is relying on its findings that Churchill engaged in repeated and flagrant academic misconduct to support its stance that having the controversial former professor back on the Boulder campus is a “bad idea.”

“CU’s reputation for academic integrity is the foundation for all we do and having him return to the classroom would be an ongoing threat to that reputation,” McConnellogue said. “We expect higher standards from our faculty and our students.”

A Denver jury decided April 2 that CU unlawfully fired Churchill for expressing his political beliefs. The four women and two men on the jury awarded him $1 in damages.

A judge will decide at a yet-to-be-scheduled hearing whether the former professor gets his job back.

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