Modern life's pressures may be hastening human evolution

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We're not finished yet. Even today, scientists say that human beings are continuing to evolve as our genes respond to rapid changes in the world around us.

In fact, the pressures of modern life may be speeding up the pace of human evolution, some anthropologists think.

Their view contradicts the widespread 20th-century assumption that modern medical practice, antibiotics, better diet and other advances would protect people from the perils and stresses that drive evolutionary change.

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Randll Reese Besch - 4/11/2009

It is stronger immune systems, not anti-biotics that promote survivability. All that did was strengthen the bacteria they were fighting against. However the long term changes may not be in ways we would like it to be. Intelligence is an experiment and we could lose some of it as time, behavior, survival tactics and environment could point us in a different direction.