Archaeologists Begin Recovery of Great Mayan City in the Yucatan

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Mexican archaeologists began this month the recovery of a great Mayan city buried under tons of earth and jungle in the archaeological area of Ichkabal on the Yucatan peninsula, the National Anthropology and History Institute, or INAH, said.

Previous archaeological digs in Ichkabal indicated the existence at this site of a vast Mayan settlement comprising many buildings, of which the biggest is some 200 meters (656 feet) wide at the base and 46 meters (151 feet) high, the institute said Friday in a communique.

“This is a city whose construction began in preclassic times, 250 years before Christ,” INAH said.

The director of the INAH center in Quintana Roo state, Adriana Velazquez, said that while no architectural details are visible on the surface and all that can be seen are mounds covered by “the exuberant vegetation” of the area, their characteristics seem to indicate Peten-style constructions.

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