Despite lack of federal funding programs at Lincoln Log continue (Illinois)

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Lincoln Log Cabin was built on an 86-acre site. It is a replica of the Lincoln home, originally built in 1835. With current budget issues constantly fluctuating, weight is falling on the shoulders of the volunteers to keep up the farm.

Last year Lincoln Log cabin operated with four paid interpreters and two paid maintenance workers, volunteers made up the rest of the staff. Their contract was originally set to run from May 1 through Oct. 31. However, the contract for paid workers was terminated as of July 31 of last year.

"Yet the park remained open due to volunteers being willing to put in 13,227 hours of volunteer work," stated Lance Beever, president of Volunteer Pioneers, "that was significantly more than has been required in past years."

The Sargent Farm Foundation is a fund that was started in 1981. The purpose of the foundation was to raise money to relocate and restore the Stephen Sargent Farm to the Lincoln site. Today the fund is referred to as the Lincoln-Sargent Farm Foundation. The money is now used to preserve the entire site as well as provide funds to continue providing the opportunity for education about life during the mid-1800s....

The Lincoln Log Cabin historic site can be contacted by calling (217)345-1845 or online at

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