Germany bans 'Nazi youth group'

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The German interior ministry has banned a far-right group for allegedly organising activities promoting racist and Nazi ideology among young children.

The Homeland-Faithful German Youth (HDJ) taught children as young as six that foreigners and Jews were a threat to the "German nation", officials said.

Police have also raided the offices and houses of the group's leaders in four states in connection with the ban.

The HDJ said it was a "youth group for environment, community and homeland".

But at its special holiday camps, children were taught elements of "racial ideology", including the "purity of blood" and "the continuation of the German race", with the aim of forming a neo-Nazi elite, the interior ministry said.

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Thaddeus Brodrick Noble - 4/6/2009

The "occupied" German government is just scared to death that someone might promote "German pride" in future generations of it's citizens.

The "rubber stamp" rabble they have for a present goverment is far past a international joke.

The war is over folks, time to go home, let the citizens elect their own officals and get on with their lives and position in the world. They don't need foreign troops there anymore nor do they need to continue to suffer and be consistently humilitated by their ZOG officals and their pathetic "Toady" Merkel