New museum to chart Titanic story

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A new museum charting the story of the ill-fated liner the Titanic could be built in Britain in time for the 100th anniversary of the sinking, it has been announced.

The £28 million project in Southampton, from where the liner set sail in 1912 on her maiden voyage, is set to feature a climb-aboard replica of the ship.

Many of the ship's crew also came from the city.

If successful, the city council's Civic Centre will be converted with the main exhibition hall turned into a scene of the dockside in Southampton with the Titanic about to depart.

The story of the disaster – when the ship hit an iceberg causing the loss of 1523 lives – and the finding of the wreck will be part of the exhibition.

About 4,000 items from the ship are also set to be displayed within galleries.

Councillor John Hannides, said: "This museum will be of international significance and could attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Millvina Dean, 97, from the New Forest, Hampshire, is now the last living survivor of the disaster. She was just nine weeks old when the liner sank on April 15 1912.

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