Jean-Marie Le Pen repeats Holocaust comments in European Parliament

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Jean-Marie Le Pen, the French far-Right leader, faced calls for his prosecution after he repeated a claim that Nazi death camps were a "detail of Second World War history".

MEPs have moved to prevent the 80-year-old French National Front leader from presiding over the opening of the first session of the new European Parliament on July 14 as the doyen of the house.

Officials have also indicated that he could face disciplinary action for "bringing the parliament into disrepute" by using his immunity as an MEP to avoid criminal prosecution for Holocaust denial.

Mr Le Pen on Wednesday caused a storm in the parliament by defiantly hitting back at "inflammatory accusations" that he was a convicted Holocaust denier who should be denied his right next year to become "father" of the Parliament as the oldest sitting MEP. Mr Le Pen will celebrate his 81st birthday following European elections in June, making him the parliament's oldest member.

"I just said that the gas chambers were a detail of Second World War history, which is clear," he told a sitting of the EU assembly.

Martin Schulz, a German Social Democrat and leader of the parliament's Socialists, led the calls for Le Pen to be stripped of the privilege.

But despite fines and convictions for making identical remarks twice in the past, the French politician cannot be prosecuted for his comments on Wednesday because he is protected by parliamentary immunity.

Mr Le Pen was convicted by a Munich court in 1999 for "minimising the Holocaust" after telling a German far-right meeting that Nazi concentration camps and the gas chambers are "what one calls a detail".

On that occasion, the EU assembly lifted his immunity because the comments had been outside the parliament chamber.

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Thaddeus Brodrick Noble - 4/6/2009

This subject has been researched to ad nauseum and back again.

There were no operating gas chambers at any detention center during WW2.
If you researched the Nuremberg trial transcripts you find nothing on gas chambers. Who was prosecuted for gassing someone?

The only actual structural facility is a mock up at Aushwitz and it was contructed in 1949 as a tourist attraction. This fact was verified by the grounds curator. Every honest researcher knows this.

Get off the intentional falsehoods here. What's next with you people lampshades and soap??

Le Pen should have the right to say what he wants without the Zionist thought police trying to censor free speech all the time. Are we scared free thinking people might start questioning the known facts???

Randll Reese Besch - 4/1/2009

Yes Mr. Nobel they have been researched but tell me ever heard of the eintzgruppen? Or the term 'final solution' as was found in note books of the Nazis going back to planning meetings as early as 1931? Zyklon-B nerve gas, which is soluble in water by-the-way, was just an insecticide? Tell us what happened to the 11-12 million murdered (Jews, homosexuals, Romany, anyone else who they didn't like or approve of,)by the Germans disappear to? Leaving all of their possessions behind and ending up at the various death camps? Or they either never existed or were simply 'labor camps' and were bad but not intentionally genocidal eh? Too bad the Germans were such efficient bureaucrats and were meticulous in their keeping of names, details and schedules with destinations on the cattle cars of doom for their American inspired but wholly German take on eugenics and social hygiene.

This is the ugly side that freedom of speech gives us and as long as it remains free we will be able to take these apologists on again and again and correct their mis-information like Heir Nobel.