Ward Churchill defiant on second day of testimony

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Ward Churchill acknowledged some flaws in his scholarship, but strenuously denied that any merited his 2007 dismissal by the University of Colorado, in testimony delivered today in a trial in which he is attempting to prove that his firing violated his First Amendment rights.

Throughout his second day on the witness stand, the controversial ethnic-studies scholar expressed defiance toward his accusers at the university, according to reports on the courtroom proceedings published in The Denver Post, the Colorado Daily, and The New York Times. At one point, he called several of the university administrators and faculty members who faulted his scholarship “pathetic,” the Daily’s account says.

Asked by his lawyer, David A. Lane, what he hoped to gain from the proceedings, Mr. Churchill said, “I want my job and I want restitution and acknowledgment that the entire process to remove me from the university was fraudulent.” He testified that he has been out of work since his 2007 dismissal from his job, which had paid $94,000 a year, and has been so distracted by the need to defend himself that he has been forced to put aside work on four books.

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