'Oldest woman in the world' about to turn 130

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Officials in Kazakhstan claim to have have a found the world's oldest person - a woman who will this week celebrate her 130th birthday.

If their records are correct, Sakhan Dosova is 16 years older than the oldest known human currently living.

The mother of ten, whose birth date is said to be March 27 1879, attributes her longevity to staying away from sweets, and the doctor. However, she is a fan of cheese and yoghurt, and says her sense of humour has kept her young at heart.

Her record-breaking and remarkable age came to light during a census in Karaganda in northern Kazakhstan. Demographers were astonished to find that she was also on Stalin's first census of the region in 1926 when her age was given as 47.

However, her fame did not extend far beyond the far flung city until the census, although some officials have raised doubts about her claims.

Nailya Dosayeva, head of social and demographical department of Karaganga regional statistics bureau, said there is no doubt that her claim is authentic.

"Sakhan Dosova was found during our census held in February and March. She has an old passport and documents which are genuine, and based on these we can judge her age as being correct."

If Sakhan's year of birth is accurate, it means she was born when Queen Victoria still had 22 more years to rule in Britain and Benjamin Disraeli was prime minister.

It was the year that Stalin and Einstein were born, the Anglo-Zulu war started, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published his first story.

The year 1879 also saw Edison present his new invention - the light bulb - while the ill-fated last tsar of Russia was just 11 years old.

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Raul A Garcia - 3/29/2009

It's the cheese and yogurt. Plus, she has happily missed most prime time television for several decades, that takes a lot from you.

Randll Reese Besch - 3/27/2009

For the gerintologists to study concerning longevity in humans.