I Have Cancer


The following statement was released on April 30, 2002.

Like millions of other Americans, I have been diagnosed with cancer. Since I just learned about my illness last Friday, I am still getting used to the idea. In the coming days and weeks, I will be seeking further diagnosis and discussing treatment options with physicians and my family. During this time, I would appreciate the news media and the public respecting our privacy.

I have spent a good part of my career studying men and women who faced uncertainty about the future. Now I find myself facing a great challenge, and I am focusing on a course of action based on a balance of good sense and cautious optimism. I have a lot left to say and to write about our nation's history, the American spirit and personal leadership. I will take heart from the lessons I've learned over the years from these experiences as I deal with my own future.

Editor's Note

Mr. Ambrose's next book, Mississippi and the Making of a Nation, co-authored with Douglas Brinkley, will be published in the fall. Mr. Brinkley, who succeeded Ambrose as head of the University of New Orleans Eisenhower Center, told the New Orleans Times-Picayune:"His whole life has been one of a maverick slugging away against all sorts of odds. I have no doubt he is going to show the personal heroism, like the soldiers he writes about, in his own personal battle." Mr. Ambrose is working on two other books: his autobiography, tentatively titled,"A Love Song to America" and a history of the war in the Pacific during World War II. His son Hugh Ambrose told the Associated Press that his father will have to cut back on some commitments:"This is a serious condition, and he's going to have to focus on getting good treatment."

The Associated Press picked up the story on May 1. The accounts included a brief reference to the controversy involving plagiarism:"[Mr. Ambrose] has come under scrutiny recently after at least six of his books have been questioned for failing to properly credit source material. Ambrose has apologized for lifting passages from other authors."

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Jan - 10/7/2002

Any chance this goes to Douglas Brinkley? I heard him mention the Red River as part of the Mississippi watershed today on NBC news (10-7-02).

Maybe there's another major "Red River," but the Red River I know, that borders Minnesota and N/S Dakota flows NORTH, not into the Mississippi. (One of only about 7 riviers in the world that flow north.)

(Former resident of Red River Valley)

Bob - 8/22/2002

Could you pass this email message to Mr. Brinkley.

Mr. Brinkley, could you pass along the idea to the president that it is a great idea for him to go onto TV, but wouldn't it be better to go on once a month. On a once a month program it would be more like an educational series but not wear out his personage and lower him to the exposure of a soap star which is beneath him.

A once a month show would also allow him to focus on the most important subject and not lower the show to whatever the daily garbage gossip that is going on which would surely be dragged into the discussions of the show.

Once a month could really let him have subjects that are important and timely both and would allow a preparation of a panel that would be both intelligent and intriguing.

Thank you,