Revealed: Letters by Nuremberg trials prosecutor

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Documents revealing the thoughts of the main British prosecutor at the Nuremberg Nazi war crimes trials have been opened to the public.

Letters from prosecutor David Maxwell Fyfe have been released at the Churchill Archives Centre in Cambridge.

Thought to have been lost, the letters to his wife were found by his grandson.

In one of them Mr Maxwell Fyfe refers to Hermann Goering as "the fat boy" and says he feels he "knocked him off his perch" during cross-examination.

The 205 letters between Mr Maxwell Fyfe and his wife Sylvia offer a day-by-day insider's account of the historic Nuremberg trials in 1945/6 which brought prominent Nazis to justice.

They are being released on the 63rd anniversary of Mr Maxwell Fyfe's interrogation of the leading Nazi defendant, the Luftwaffe commander Hermann Goering, on 20 March 1946.

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