Gettysburg Again Among Most Endangered Civil War Sites

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Battlefields in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi are in the top 10 most endangered in the country, according to the Civil War Preservation Trust which released the names at a press conference this morning.

Although being named most endangered might be considered a negative, it actually is embraced by the various sites because the Trust has a proven ability to bring media attention to what are often little known sites or unrecognized threats. A place on the annual list also means the Trust will most likely help raise huge amounts of money in an effort to rescue a battlefield.

Gettysburg, the best known of the country's battlefields, has often been on the Trust's list and each time the threat has either been removed or reduced.

The Trust does not rank the list; the threat follows the name of each site:

Gettysburg, Pa: expanding commercial development including hotels.

Wilderness, Va: proposed Wal-Mart super center.

New Market Heights, Va: none of the land is protected by any preservation group.

Cedar Creek, Va: approval of expanded limestone mining operations.

Monocacy, Md: proposed trash facility.

South Mountain, Md: proposed construction of natural gas compression plant.

Sabine, Texas: damage from two hurricanes and lack of state money for repair

Fort Gaines, Al: land erosion by Gulf of Mexico

Spring Hill, Tn: commercial development

Port Gibson, Ms: proposed road widening through center of the town

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