Spain set to tear down its last statue of General Franco

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The last statue of General Franco in Spain is to be withdrawn almost 34 years after the death of the dictator.

The regional government of Melilla, one of Spain's North African enclaves along with Ceuta, said the bronze statue of General Franco would be removed "within the period of 15 days".

The move means no more commemorative figures will stand in public streets to the man who ruled Spain between the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939 and his death in November, 1975.
Daniel Conesa, spokesman for the Melilla regional government, said the statue, which shows Franco standing, would be kept in storage then transferred to a military museum.

The Melilla government is removing the effigy of El Caudillo in compliance with the controversial Law of Historical Memory, which offers redress to victims or their relatives who were killed or "disappeared" during the Civil War and its aftermath.

Under the law, introduced in 2007, local authorities must remove symbols of the dictator or his supporters such as statues or plaques and change road names associated with the regime.

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