Naz-eBay: Holocaust denier David Irving tries to sell Hitler's hair and bones on website

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Controversial historian David Irving has set up a website selling Nazi memorabilia which he claims includes a piece of Hitler's bone and strands of his hair.

Dubbed 'Naz-eBay' by Holocaust groups, the site also offers a walking stick used by the German dictator and a christening present given by SS leader Heinrich Himmler to Luftwaffe commander Hermann Goering's daughter.

Irving, who was jailed in Austria for Holocaust denial, 'authenticates' the relics and displays them on his website run from his home in Windsor. He profits from the site by taking a 15 per cent commission fee on all items sold.

Last night, Dr Shimon Samuels, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre which searches for Nazi war criminals, called for a UK ban on the selling of Third Reich items.

It is illegal to trade in Nazi memorabilia in Germany, France, Austria and Poland.

In Germany, the maximum penalty for dealing in Nazi items is a three-year prison sentence.

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