Maryland: Controversy over the state song

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Today, we presented in verse the story of an on-going controversy about the state song of Maryland.

"Maryland, My Maryland," sung to the tune of"Oh Christmas Tree," has been the state's official ditty since 1939. Legislators periodically propose changing the lyrics, which were written in 1861 as a call for Maryland to join the Confederacy. Later this week, the House and Senate will hear bills that propose changing the lyrics of the song to a poem written in 1894.

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    Nigel Anthony Sellars - 3/4/2009

    A few years ago NPR did a piece on the Maryland state song and asked its listeners to offer their versions of the lyrics, one of which still sticks in my mind.
    "I had a dog; his name was Jack.
    I threw a stick; he brought it back,
    And we both live in Maryland..."

    "Oh, Tannenbaum" is one of those melodies you wish would die, but never does, alas.