Part of Denver's Past, The Rocky Says Goodbye

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The rise of Colorado’s capital city and the rise of The Rocky, as it affectionately or scornfully became known, were intertwined from the beginning. The city was founded in late 1858, The Rocky the following April, as gold strikes were making the place a destination.

“Without The Rocky, Denver would not be the city it is today,” said Tom Noel, a professor of history at the University of Colorado in Denver.

On Friday, ashes were mostly all that was left of that legacy as copies of the paper’s final issue, published Friday morning, lay strewn about its newsroom and upon the consciousness of the city. The Rocky’s owner, the E. W. Scripps Company, announced Thursday that the paper, which had been up for sale, had attracted no credible buyers and that its losses — $16 million in 2008 — could not be sustained.

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