New documents come to light about Margaret Thatcher

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Never before seen memos about an unknown Tory politician called Margaret Thatcher, which singled her out for prominence because she was "very pretty" and dressed attractively, have been unearthed in the BBC archive.

The collection of documents also include a series of long forgotten television and radio interviews with Baroness Thatcher which charts her gradual transformation from suburban housewife to a major player on the world stage as the Iron Lady by the end of the 1970s.

It includes an interview in which as Education Secretary she talks about her make-up routine, why she would never wear jeans, how she loved Morecambe and Wise on television.

Some of the newly released papers, to coincide with BBC2's programme Margaret about her fall from power in 1990, date back to 1957 before she was an MP. It includes one to the head of women's programmes on why the Tory candidate for Finchley should be on television.

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