Khmer Rouge Torture Centre Survivor Talks

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A child survivor of the Khmer Rouge's largest torture centre has emerged from obscurity to tell his story on the eve of a crimes against humanity trial in Cambodia.

Norng Chan Phal, now a 39-year-old father of two, said he was eight when the Vietnamese stormed into Phnom Penh to end the Khmer Rouge reign of terror.

He was held at the notorious S-21 prison where some 16,000 men, women and children were brutally tortured and executed.

Phal came forward last week after a film from Vietnam was screened showing Vietnamese troops entering the prison, also known as Tuol Sleng.

The man who ran the prison, Kaing Guek Eav, is due to go before a UN-backed tribunal on Tuesday.

Better known as Duch, he will be the first of five former Khmer Rouge leaders to stand trial for crimes against humanity.

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