First speech of Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen, to be made available

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The 14-year-old Princess Elizabeth made a radio address on October 13 1940 to the children of the Commonwealth, many of whom had been evacuated.

Buckingham Palace has also released from the Royal Archive film footage of a dashing young Duke of Edinburgh in a cinema advertisement for the Playing Fields Association in 1951. The Duke makes a guest appearance as "the boss" in a short film in which group of children, who have been banned from playing cricket in the streets and the local park, appeal to him for help.

There is also a black and white video film of people queuing for a glimpse of the wedding cake of the future Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother to the future George VI in 1923.

The Queen, 82, who visited Google last year, is determined to make her website more user friendly and relevant to modern-day society. The website, first launched 12 years ago, has been significantly improved and expanded and will link up for the first time with Google, the world's most popular search engine.

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