British bishop sacked over Holocaust claims

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The British bishop who caused outrage and sparked a public relations disaster for the Vatican by denying the extent of the Holocaust has been sacked as head of an Argentinian church.

Richard Williamson, who at the weekend defied the Pope's demand that he recant his views, was forced out as director of the seminary in Argentina by the breakaway Catholic faction of which he is a member, the Society of St. Pius X.

The Cambridge-educated cleric attracted global condemnation last month when he publicly dismissed the fact that the Nazis used gas chambers and insisted that rather than murdering six million Jews, they killed at most 300,000.

The society's South America head, Father Christian Bouchacourt, called Williamson's remarks "inopportune".

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Randll Reese Besch - 2/13/2009

You know the forgotten part of the Holocaust---all those targeted but not Jews including homosexuals, Romany and anyone else not part of the pure way of the 'Aryan' kind of mentality.

It is a crime what happened to the Jews, it is also a crime for any one else to ignore what was done to 6 million other human beings as well as per this article. Never again? Not at this rate.