UK Army says goodbye to bully beef

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Bully beef, the cornerstone of the Army for more than a century, is to be replaced by mushroom pasta and halal dishes.

A new varied menu which will to be given to troops in Afghanistan will do away with corned beef hash in favour of dishes designed for the boiling temperatures of Helmand and a more multi-cultural military.

While some hardened veterans may shed a tear at the passing of their beloved bully beef (apparently out-voted by their juniors) all will welcome the long overdue decision to throw out chocolate.

Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq troops have been bemused by the decision to continue packing their 24 hour ration packs with bars of chocolate that regularly melted and then exploded inside the pack's cardboard box leaving a sticky mess that coated the other rations.
Instead the bland tasting chocolate has been replaced by goodies such as Oreo cookies, chocolate chip cake and energy bars.

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