National Trust to insulate every castle in the country (UK)

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The Trust aims to renovate more than five thousand buildings to meet minimum environmental standards. The first priority will be insulation through lagging in the walls and roofs, draught proofing chimneys and double glazing.

Saving water will also be important with flow-restricted taps fitted, rain water butts installed and smaller dish washers replacing older models.

Energy saving lightbulbs have already been fitted in a number of properties, as have biomass heating systems using locally sourced wood.

Although it will not be possible to make changes to historic buildings, for example double glazing, alternatives can be found such as temporary glazing on windows in the winter or using natural products such as sheep's wool as insulation.

Stephen Kane, deputy head of buildings at the National Trust, said the "mammoth task" will have to be sensitively done but will ensure properties are prepared for high energy prices, water shortages and climate change. It will also provide inspiration for visitors renovating their own homes.

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scott daniel kulm - 2/6/2009

Sounds like the New Deal witth extra money to mkae more jobs. Sounds like something Obama should also do to stimulate this economy.