Germans corroborate reports of Nazi doctor's death in Egypt

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German investigators said Thursday that they had independent information corroborating reports that the most-wanted Nazi fugitive in the world, the concentration camp doctor Aribert Heim, had died in Egypt in 1992.

Horst Haug, a spokesman for the police in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, said that the police had information "from the personal circle" of Heim, who would now be 94, indicating that he died of rectal cancer in Cairo. In a statement issued jointly by the state police and the regional court in Baden-Baden, Heim's last known address in Germany, officials said they would work with Egyptian authorities to try to locate and identify the remains of Heim, a fugitive and accused war criminal.

Citing witnesses, including Heim's son, Rüdiger, The New York Times and the German television station ZDF reported Wednesday that Heim had died in Cairo in 1992.

Haug said that the police's information came from a separate source and was received at the beginning of the week. He declined to reveal the source.

Heim, who was born in Austria, was accused of killing hundreds of people, mainly Jews, while working at a concentration camp in Austria, earning him the nickname Dr. Death. He fled Germany in 1962 just as a warrant was issued for his arrest.

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scott daniel kulm - 2/6/2009

Why was the warrant filed until 1962 when he killed all those people almost 20 years earlier.