Nazi fugitive 'Doctor Death' died in 1992

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One of the most wanted Nazi war criminals, Aribert Heim or"Doctor Death", thought to be in his 90s and in South America, actually died in Cairo in 1992, media reports said Wednesday.

Heim was wanted for killing hundreds of concentration camp victims with horrific medical experiments, including performing operations without anaesthetics and injecting petrol directly into their hearts.

German public TV channel ZDF said in a statement that Heim died of bowel cancer in 1992, citing his son and acquaintances in Cairo where he had been living under the assumed identity of Tarek Farid Hussein after converting to Islam.

ZDF and also the New York Times claim they have more than 100 documents including Heim's passport, bank statements, personal letters and medical records that prove without a doubt that Heim lived in a Cairo hotel until his death.

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