Second Ancient Sarcophagus Uncovered in Bali

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A sarcophagus, or stone coffin, estimated to be up to 2,500 years old has been found in Bali’s Gianyar district, a local archaeologist said on Monday.

Wayan Suantika, the head of the Denpasar Archeology Agency, told the Jakarta Globe that the sarcophagus had been found on Saturday in Keramas village by Muksin Riadi, a brick maker, while he was digging for brick-making material. It was found 1.5 meters below the surface.

Wayan said the size of the sarcophagus suggests that it was most likely used to inter a child, and he made a preliminary estimate that it dated back about 2,300 to 2,500 years. Bones and teeth were also found.

It was the second discovery of a sarcophagus within a month, after the first was found on Jan. 13 less than 10 meters away.

Now that two had been found, the agency had assumed the location had been a residential area of people from a Mongoloid race.

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