Latest addition to National World War II Museum to open this year in New Orleans

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In a city known for taking its time, a major new building seems to be leaping to life at the corner of Magazine Street and Higgins Drive.

It's the latest addition to the National World War II Museum: the Victory Theater and Stage Door Canteen, they call it, housing a 250-seat high-tech movie theater, along with a stage for live shows, a restaurant, a dance floor and a bar.

At 71,000 square feet, the complex nearly doubles the size of the museum and makes it the city's largest.

"It blows my mind," said Nick Mueller, the museum's president. "There's a wow factor every time I go in there."

The first piles for the building were driven in February 2008, and construction is now about 60 percent finished. The opening -- complete with hoopla and dignitaries -- is set for Nov. 5 and 6.

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