Sunken WW2 submarine to be raised

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The Norwegian Government has decided that the wreck of the WW2 German submarine U-864 which contains 65 tons of mercury, is to be raised, and that the contaminated seabed be covered with clean sand.

The wreck, which is located off the Norwegian west coast, near Fedje, north of Bergen, has long been considered an environmental hazard by the local population and environmental groups.

However, experts have long disagreed on whether or not the wreck should be raised or if it would be better to build a sarcophagus which would isolate the mercury from the marine environment, thereby eliminating the pollution hazard.

However, the head of the Marine Safety Directorate, Magne Roedland, disagrees. In his opinion the wreck should be raised.

He believes that the strong currents around the wreck will undermine the sarcophagus, and result in emissions of mercury. The local population agree, and have said the wreck must be removed.

On Thursday Fisheries and Coastal Minister Helga Pedersen announced that she had decided that the wreck be raised.

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