Robert Morrises resolve name dispute

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No, the mascots didn't have to slug it out.

Instead, the case of Robert Morris versus Robert Morris, a spat over identity that landed two campuses hundreds of miles apart in federal court, has been amicably resolved.

Under an agreement, the college named Robert Morris -- the one in Chicago -- can legally begin calling itself a university as long as it tacks the word "Illinois" onto the end of the title.

It's part of a settlement preserving the name belonging to Robert Morris University of Moon, Pa., which became a university in 2002 and holds federal trademarks asserting it alone can be called Robert Morris University.

The agreement addresses everything from campus signs and athletic uniforms to logos. It ends a lawsuit that showed how important campus identity is in a brand-conscious world, and what can happen when schools with similar or identical names try to coexist.

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