Vatican: Comments by Holocaust denier unacceptable

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The Vatican said Monday that comments by a recently rehabilitated bishop that no Jews were gassed during the Holocaust were unacceptable and violate Church teaching.

In a front-page article, the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano reaffirmed that Pope Benedict XVI deplored all forms of anti-Semitism and that all Roman Catholics must do the same.

The article was issued amid an outcry from Jewish groups that Benedict last week lifted the excommunication of a traditionalist bishop, Richard Williamson, who has denied that 6 million Jews were murdered during World War II.

The Vatican has stressed that removing the excommunication by no means implied the Vatican shared Williamson's views....

Blog Comment by historian Deborah Lipstadt

Bishop Williamson in his own Words: He's Not JUST a Denier:

Take a look at Bishop Williamson's website which, if I were a betting person, will soon disappear. [Cyber mavens might want to take a"picture" of it while it is still up.]

If you go to it to this particular link you will learn that this venerable prince of the church also :

1. Well over a century ago Judeo-Masonry is known to have been envisaging three World Wars to achieve its unified global domination.

2. By lies, Judeo-Masonry brought about the first two World Wars.

3. By lies, Judeo-Masonry is preparing for the Third World War.

4. The supposed treachery of Arabs last year against the Twin Towers in New York already igniting American public opinion to go to war against Afghanistan and now Iraq.

5. We now in 2002 know with certainty that our governments and media told us far from the complete truth in 1941 as to who was truly responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor, so we will eventually know that those truly responsible for the attack on the Twin Towers were certainly not those primarily held up as being responsible by our governments and media.

In short Jews together with Freemasons planned WWI and WWII. They are planning for WWIII. And 9/11 was not committed by Arab terrorists [or are we supposed to call them militants?].

But that's not all he has to say.

1. Women should not wear trousers.

2. Women should not go to university: ever.

3. Modernism caused the genocide in Rwanda

4. Sound of Music is an evil film because it celebrates true love and
depicts Nazis as villains.

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pete alan schnapp - 1/28/2009

It is mind blowing, the amount of power those Khazar/Ashkenazi Jews have over a "Christian/Muslim world.
The other remarks notwithstanding, the guy should be lauded as a hero for having the genitalia to speak out against the single BIGGEST threat to this world.
Like a cancer, they have seeped into EVERYTHING, all countries, governments,banking, investments. They've managed to buy christian whores in governments that bow down to do their will and their own country and people be DAMNED. it's obvious the Vatican as well!
It seems only the WEST still laments the poor Eastern Europe Jew....well, it's a damn lie and the nefarious parasites put people in PRISON, attack them physically and ruin them financially for not accepting their LIE. Good god people, get your heads out of the asses of the Jewish "schills" like Pat Robertson! THE MAN SWEARS HE TALKS WITH GOD check his tax returns, he probably got his seed money the same place 95% of your treasonous "leaders" do/did, AIPAC or the Rothschild Jew banking Cabal.