Fight to save WW2 bomber base for the nation (UK)

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Bomber crews based at the Oxfordshire airfield won the RAF's first two Victoria Crosses of the war, and the Halifax heavy bomber made its maiden flight from the base, which was also home to Mosquitos and Bristol Blenheims.

More than 60 years on, RAF Bicester - the most complete surviving wartime bomber base - is at the centre of a fresh battle, as a group of enthusiasts tries to save the historic site for the nation instead of it being sold off to developers.

Bomber Command Heritage, a group which is forming a charity in the hope of turning the site into one of the country's foremost aviation museums, wants to buy the base from the Ministry of Defence, which is expected to put it on the market within a year.

The volunteers are trying to raise the £10-£15 million which they believe it will take to buy and restore the station, most of which has been mothballed for more than 30 years.

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