Bashers End Bush Era Deflated by Lack of Prosecutions

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Bush bashers say they aren't going to let the inauguration of Barack Obama get in the way of their effort to have the president prosecuted on war crimes.

Activists who have spent years protesting President Bush admit their chances are slim of seeing Bush or any members of his administration face legal recourse for what they say are "crimes against humanity."

Several activists hoped to squeeze out a few parting shots against the outgoing president in the run-up to President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration on Tuesday. Demonstrators are trying to organize final shows of force in the last hours before Obama becomes president.

On Tuesday, a coalition of activist groups will hold an event called "Yes We Can Arrest Bush," co-opting Obama's winning campaign message in a way he probably didn't intend. The protest will be in front of the FBI building along the inaugural parade route.

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