Bosnian war 'orphan' snatched as a baby finds father after 16 years

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When Mohammed Becirovic returned to his village he found his home a charred ruin, his wife and two daughters gone - abducted by Serbian militiamen.

But 16 years later DNA testing of war orphans revealed that his infant daughter Senida had miraculously survived the conflict and was living with elderly foster parents in the Serbian capital Belgrade.

Plucked by a Serbian soldier from the ruins of their village, Caparde, on the very first day of the war in April 1992, Senida had been given up for adoption.

Devastated by the loss of his family, Mr Becirovic fled to an area controlled by the Bosnian army, where he remained until he was wounded by bombing in 1995.

Together, they went to visit the war memorial, where her own name is inscribed alongside those of her mother and sister.

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