Bush's Environmental Legacy Draws Mixed Reviews

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President Bush won the praise of environmentalists Tuesday for leading the largest marine conservation effort in history, but his critics are still bitter over his environmental legacy.

Some went so far as to compare Bush to Teddy Roosevelt, who created the national park system a century ago.

But others said Bush's conservation effort, while laudable, was not enough to erase the lowlights of his environmental record. Groups like the National Resources Defense Council say Bush over the last eight years dismantled environmental safeguards, ignored climate concerns, undermined scientific results and pandered to industries that jeopardized Americans' health and natural heritage.

Bush defended his legacy Tuesday during his announcement of the marine conservation effort, citing all of his accomplishments since 2001, including a 12 percent drop in air pollution, protecting more than 27 million acres of federal forest land from wildfires and saving or improving more than 3.6 million acres of wetlands.

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