Man kidnapped by SS discovers true identity

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A man kidnapped by SS soldiers as a child to be brought up as part of the Aryan 'master race' in Nazi Germany has discovered his true identity.

Folker Heinecke, 67, spent 34 years researching his past before discovering that two soldiers came to his village in the Russian Crimea and kidnapped him under the German Lebensborn - Fount of Life - programme.

He launched his bid to discover his origins after the death of his Nazi foster parents in 1975. "For years the files were closed or I got fragments of information," he said. "After 20 years I found out that I was in the Lebensborn programme but had no idea where I came from."

Mr Heinecke, whose book The Quest is being made into a documentary, is adamant that this will not be his fate. "I do not want to die unhappily like so many Lebensborn children," he said. "Just to stand at the grave of my real mother - that will be enough."

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