Mich. law encourages accuracy in African history

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A new law encourages schools to focus world history courses on at least one of 10 advanced African kingdoms, not just the primitive Africans often highlighted in history books.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed the bill into law Thursday. Sponsor and Republican state Rep. Mike Nofs of Battle Creek says it will make up for Africa's "vibrant culture and complex civilizations" being ignored for too long.

The bill received unanimous support in both the House and Senate.

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Vernon Clayson - 12/24/2008

Vibrant, indeed, that will take some serious research. Except for North Africa there are few records to substantiate vibrant anything in sub-Saharan Africa. What will they use, reminisces of aged storytellers, most of them are fanciful and how do they glorify eons of a hardscrabble and violent existence, the remnants of which still cause problems between tribes. What does sub-Saharan Africa have in comparison to the ancients of MesoAmerica who easily match the more advanced peoples of North Africa.