Noel Stowe dies

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Noel Stowe, a Chandler resident and Arizona State University professor who helped start the city's public history kiosk program, died Saturday.

Stowe, 66, had been involved with planning for the city's first museum, said Jim Patterson, president of the Chandler Historical Society. "He was a great resource and always interested in doing what was right to preserve Chandler's history," said Patterson, who added Stowe had been battling cancer.

Earlier this year, Stowe received the 2008 Governor's Heritage Preservation Award for his years of service as founder of ASU's Public History Program. At the time, he talked about his passion for bringing his home city's history to the attention of newcomers.

He is survived by his wife, Gwen; their son, James, died last year. Memorial services will be in late January.

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Brooks Simpson - 12/22/2008

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We at ASU will miss Noel.