Unforgettable still, the night death fell from the sky on Scottish town

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Lockerbie knows that it will never be allowed to forget the night of December 21, 1988. Like Aberfan, Omagh, Dunblane - the little places struck by disasters – its name is for ever linked to one terrible moment. In Lockerbie’s case it was 7.03pm, when Pan Am Flight 103 dropped from the sky.

You cannot walk the streets today without the reminders: Sherwood Crescent, where the wing and fuel tank ploughed into the houses and evaporated them, leaving a massive crater, reeking of aviation fuel; Rosebank Crescent, where the fuselage came down and scattered bodies across gardens, on the rooftops and the hillsides around.

Tundergarth, four miles outside the town, is where the nose cone came to rest, its name, Maid of the Seas, written plainly on the side, to become the unforgettable memorial to the 270 who died: pilots, stewards, passengers and the 11 Lockerbie people who perished with them.

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