Dig turns up 10,000 years old flint flakes in Texas

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Many, many years ago, the area now known as Zilker Park (Austin, Texas - USA) was a settlement for some of North America's early hunter-gatherers. As many as 10,000 years ago, those people used stone tools to cut meat, chop wood, scrape hides, and fashion spear points. Artifacts of their lives have long been entombed under layers of mud and sediment washed ashore by the flooding Colorado River.

The Austin City Council could decide to pay as much as $700,000 for a three-month dig in Zilker Park to uncover troves of these stone tools. The dig was prompted by a major sewer line upgrade that was completed late last year that touched on an area of known archaeological deposits. The dig, which is expected to begin in February, would expand on a preliminary archaeological investigation in Zilker Park in 2006 that uncovered 887 flint flakes associated with the making of stone tools about 10,000 years ago.

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