Karl Rove launches 'Bush legacy project' with Iraq war claim

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George W Bush would not have ordered the invasion of Iraq if the intelligence had shown that Saddam Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction, according to his former chief adviser and closest confidant.

Karl Rove made the claim as the president's inner circle launched an unofficial "Bush legacy project", with their old boss preparing to leave the White House next month.
The final mission on behalf of President Bush is reportedly being spearheaded by two trusted member of his Texan kitchen cabinet - Mr Rove, the architect of his two White House election triumphs, and Karen Hughes, his former communications chief.

They have been meeting senior figures in the current Administration to discuss how to "roll out the president's legacy", according to Stephen Hayes, a prominent conservative commentator and Vice-President Dick Cheney's official biographer.

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Craig Michael Loftin - 12/10/2008

I eagerly await the day that nobody (inlcluding the press) cares what Karl Rove has to say about anything. Bush's legacy speaks for itself, no matter how hard they try to keep the spin alive.