Japan's Second World War sex slaves demand apology

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Women forced to work as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during the Second War have joined forces to urge politicians to pass a resolution demanding a formal apology.

Backed by politicians and activists, a group of surviving former sex slaves from across Asia demanded that the Japanese government enact legislation to compensate victims.

The government was also urged to issue a formal apology and provide a balanced account of the issue in school textbooks as the group gathered in Tokyo for the ninth Solidarity Conference for the Issue of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan.

Azuma Konno, a politician with the opposition Democratic Party of Japan, said: "The government has kept its eyes shut and ignored the issue. To build our future, we cannot remain blind to the past." A statement from a committee representing the women and their families added: "Survivors are quickly ageing, still suffering from pain and complications from damage in the days of sexual slavery.

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