Lord Nelson's letter detailing naval strategy against French to be sold

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The letter, which sets up a new rendezvous point for the fleet, was written 20 months before the Battle of Trafalgar at a time when Nelson's fleet were blockading the French inside Toulon.

The secret order reads: "Rendezvous No 99 - Twelve leagues due West from Cape Corse. To be added to the list of Rendezvous."

It is addressed from "Victory at the Madalina Islands, 13th February 1804" and sent to Sir Richard Bickerton bart, Rear Admiral of the White" aboard HMS Kent.

Nelson set up a supply base at what are now called the Maddelena Islands off the Northern tip of Sardinia after the Napoleonic war resumed in May 1803.

His secret order is significant because it shows how he was operating an open blockade of the French.

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