U.N. Urges China to Apologize for Tiananmen Massacre

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A U.N. panel has urged the Chinese government to apologize to the victims of its 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square.

The Geneva-based Committee against Torture says China should also conduct an investigation into what happened around the Tiananmen Square protests and release any dissidents still being held.

In a 15-page report published Friday, the panel says torture and other forms of ill-treatment are still practiced by police and that other officials in China go unpunished.

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Lorraine Paul - 11/26/2008

How very, very true!!!

Louis Godena - 11/26/2008

...are useful things, so long as they are genuine and help the offender to avoid similar behaviors in the future. But, of course, that seldom happens, so what's the point? Will the U.S. apologize for 1.8 million civilian deaths in Vietnam or the murder of more than 1 milllion during General Suharto's Indonesian *coup de tat* in 1965, or for Iraq, etc. The call to apologize unfortunately frequently serves as a cloak for hidden interests.