Lockerbie families claim victory

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In Washington, Kara Weipz of the Victims of Pan Am Flight 103 group told reporters Libya had "finally fulfilled 100% justice" by paying compensation.

Libya paid $1.5bn (£1bn) in October into a fund for victims of the 1988 bombing, which killed 270 people.

It cleared the last hurdle to restoring full diplomatic relations with the US.

"Until today, Libyan officials claimed it had long fulfilled justice to the families," said Ms Weipz, whose brother was killed on the flight.

"For many years, we were the forgotten victims of terrorism. Today is historic because Libya has finally fulfilled 100% justice to the Pan Am 103 families."

Senator Frank Lautenberg, who has acted as a representative for relatives of the victims, praised Tripoli's transfer of the final payment.

"We're proud to announce we won, and Libya has been held accountable," he said.

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