Nazi leader Hitler really did have only one-- Yes, he was monorchic

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Hitler really did have only one ball, according to claims by a German army medic who saved the Führer's life during the First World War.

The Nazi leader lost a testicle during the Battle of the Somme in 1916, the doctor claimed.

The medical condition, for which there has never been conclusive proof, was mocked in the Second World War ditty which begins: "Hitler has only got one ball, the other is in the Albert Hall."

The disclosure is made in a document noting a conversation in the 1960s between German war doctor Johan Jambor and his priest, Franciszek Pawlar, according to The Sun. The priest's document has come to light 23 years after Jambor's death.

Although it was known Hitler suffered a groin injury in the Somme, evidence that he was 'monorchic' - the medical word for the condition - has evaded historians.

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Nicholas Clifford - 11/21/2008

The Silly Season is on. It must be a rule that on every (well, almost every) edition of HNN, there has to be a mention of Hitler.
This particular story may or may not be true; but would someone please explain what its historical significance is? What difference does it make if this condition has "evaded historians?" Or have we descended to the level of the supermarket tabloids?
(Better we should all go read Don DeLillo's White Noise, whose protagonist chairs the Hitler Studies Program at a small college).