Political prisoner, detained in 1973, returns home to Chile

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A man who was detained during Chile's "dirty war" in 1973 and declared dead in 1995 showed up in his old hometown very much alive last week, a human rights group in Santiago has announced.

German Rene Cofre Martinez had been living in Argentina for the past 35 years before he returned to his home in La Cisterna in Chile, said La Agrupacion de Familiares de Detenidos Desaparecidos (The Group of Relatives of Those who Disappeared While Being Detained).

The group demanded an immediate investigation, telling CNN on Tuesday that Cofre may have violated the law.

"Effectively, this gentleman was not a 'disappeared,' " said Lorena Pizarro, president of the human rights group. "This requires an investigation to see if there's evidence that he broke the law."

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